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About AV

Quotes are not just words. They hold an incredible power to change the way you think, the way you see things and the way you react to various situations. In order to enlighten you about the strength of such words, Amulyavachan has brought a personal collection of various favourite and famous motivational quotes to the world.

Quotes are known to have brought about an influence in people through different means. Different quotes have different purposes and the impression they leave on each individual is different from one another.
For this, we have categorized our vast collection of motivational quotes for success into different topics to meet your personal needs:

  • Inspirational
    Inspirational quotes encourage you to convert your negative thoughts into positive, and make you believe in your capabilities.
  • Motivational
    Motivational quotes establish, or lead you to gain back your lost confidence which was stopping you from taking the initiative towards your goal.
  • Personality/Celebrity
    When celebrity personalities share their experiences and learning, they leave a lasting impact on us since we follow them whole-heartedly.

Our unique collection also includes quotes on subjects like friendship, emotions, being you, moral stories, success, health, thought-provoking, historic, art, love, cultural, funny, nature, political, literary and famous and many more. These however, are just a glimpse of the broad categories that we cover we write more keep going motivational quotes. You can find an in-depth view on our entire list of topics on our website.

The quotes that we provide to you on Amulyavachan are not just available in English, but we also create and provide motivational quotes in Hindi for that personal touch, which will further make it easier for you to establish a special connection and engage with what you read. We at Amulyavachan encourage you to take control of your mind and not let your mind control you.

“A really great quote is really a prose/poetry that presents the essence of an idea.”
– Amulyavachan.

“If you want to change the society for something good, you have to make yourself good first.” – Amulyavachan.

Celebrate the power of words and join us on this our journey of enjoying the beauty of words.