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Emotions are inevitable for us human beings. We literally have emotions for every little or thing that impacts us; it may be the people who around us or the thing that surround us. Our thought process, actions, reactions, behaviour, all of these is impacted by our emotions.

– We feel happy when we meet our friend after a long time.
– We feel sad when our pet falls sick.
– We get angry when we do not get a bus on time.
– We get scared if there is a noise from the other room when we are alone at home.
– We get surprised when our friends throw a secret birthday party for us.
– We feel disgusted by the smell while passing by a dirty drain.

The different emotions that are less talked about include the following:
– Awe
– Boredom
– Amusement
– Awkwardness
– Nostalgia
– Envy

Being too emotional, however, may prove to be harmful for us. We need to have a certain amount of control over our emotions so that they do not begin to control us. This is because letting our emotions take total control over us may influence us to take wrong decisions or actions. Hence, the circumstances that we land up in may make us regret later.

But that does not mean we need to suppress our emotions all the time. Doing so is harmful too. Thus, we need to know when to take control of them, before they control us. Emotions can be expressed and influenced by words. For instance, if someone is feeling sad, inspirational quotes for success can bring positivity into one’s mind.

With an effort to help you express your emotions through beautiful words, and infuse positivity in your mind set, Amulyavachan provides you its collection of the best emotional quotes.

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