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सब्र और सच्चाई एक ऐसी सवारी हैं…

‘सब्र’ और ‘सच्चाई’ एक ऐसी सवारी हैं जो अपने सवार को कभी भी गिरने नहीं देतीं ना तो किसी के क़दमों में और न ही किसी की नज़रों में ।

Have Trust on your closed ones…

Socrates was a great Philosopher in Ancient time, in Greece. Once a Follower of Socrates went to him and said,”Do You Know What I heard about one of your Friend?”. Just before he could say something more Socrates interrupted him and Said,”Hold On a minute. Before you tell me anything about my friend it would...CONTINUE READING
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