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Have Trust on your closed ones…

Socrates was a great Philosopher in Ancient time, in Greece.

Once a Follower of Socrates went to him and said,”Do You Know What I heard about one of your Friend?”. Just before he could say something more Socrates interrupted him and Said,”Hold On a minute. Before you tell me anything about my friend it would be good to Just wait for a moment and do Filter what you are Going to Say. I Call it A TRIPLE FILTER TEST.” Socrates continued,”First Filter Is TRUTH..have you made sure that what ever you are going to tell me,is TRUE?” Man Replied,”No, actually I just heard about it.”

Socrates Said,”Ok.So you are not sure whether it is true or not.” He Continued,”Now its time to try the Second Filter, Filter of GOODNESS. The fact you are going to tell me about my friend, Is it Good?” Man Replied,”No.”
Socrates said again,” Still you may pass the test, Because there is one more filter is left to try. Last Filter is of USEFULNESS. So, what ever you are going to tell me about my friend is it Useful for me.” Man Replied,”No, not Really..”
Then Socrates concluded “Well”. He questioned to man,”If what you want to tell is neither True, nor Good and not even Useful, then you want to tell me about it at all?”

Moral: If we are going to know something we should check if it is True. When it’s about Friendship or any Relationship all bonds are based on Trust. We shouldnot creat any Trust Issue in any Relationship. We should not just trust any Rumor about people who are close to us.


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